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ITH believes that being down on one’s luck does not have to be permanent. We are here to help families committed to getting past a crisis which culminated with homelessness.

We are in partnership for the future of these families by providing a safe and stable living environment where they can be together while steps are taken to re-establish the family as a healthy unit.

While living here, residents participate in classes developed specifically to hone their life skills. Budgeting, parental skills and employment counseling contribute to ITH’s rate of success.

Once a family leaves, follow up programs help smooth the transition back to independent living as satisfied, contributing members of society.

For families completing the ITH program, the success rate is above 90%.


Julie "They took the time to address what ever came up and handled the situation."

      Maria "I feel I have a support unit I can count on and I'm not fending for myself."

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    Giles "Even if you only have $20, the Program Director can figure out a budget that works for you."
Gene Sasse

The Gift of a Second Chance - Keeping Families Together